We don’t do everything, but we are specialized in Public Finance and European funds both to businesses and institutions.
– We provide ideas and value to projects.
– We make profitable the necessary return on investments to improve the competitiveness of our customers.
– We help our customers to differentiate through what it makes their business unique and by what they best know.

Our Values

To serve as an instrument of cooperation between Institutions and Public Administration, businesses, especially SMEs, to promote sustainable growth and strengthen development and technological innovation.

To help our customers to enhance their innovation activities, develop ideas and make profitable their daily efforts in human and material capital .

We believe in the entrepreneurs capabilities and potentialities, we believe that cooperative work will lead you far in your business expectations , we help our customers to raise their competitive advantages through a close collaboration and mutual trust

Mar Moreno

Mar Moreno


More than 15 years of experience in advising companies and institutions to implement strategies and procedures for development of innovation culture and creating new markets.

External financial advice on request and ERDF fund management for sustainable development and innovation, aimed at the government and public bodies (schools, municipalities, autonomous communities, councils and provinces) for territorial cooperation.

Collaborator of Spanish Agency of R&D CEBAS-CSIC

Collaborator of Regional Development Agency of Murcia for innovation workshops for SMEs.


  • Economist from the University of Murcia.
  • Master of Financial Management.
  • Management of Innovation by the Spanish Association for Quality
  • Evaluation of proposals for R & D of the European Commission
  • Project manager
Guillermina Moreno

Guillermina Moreno

European and International Projects consultant

Technical assistance in management of the European Union funds for companies and public bodies.

Project developer and application development, project management, orientation in the international arena.

Canalization. Analysis of the challenges and needs of public administrations and private companies adapting them to the funds and programs of the EU.


  • English philology. University of Murcia.
  • English. University of Exeter. United Kingdom.
  • Assistant to project management
Adela Moreno

Adela Moreno

National projects consultant

Technical assistance in the management of aid cases for private enterprises and public and private research to develop their investment projects and R & Di.

Project management and funding requests submitted to public bodies at national and local levels, such as the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Center for Industrial Technological Development, Regional grants, etc.


  • Degree in documental and information organization, University of Murcia.
  • Project Manager Assistant.
  • Languages: English and French.
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