Evergrant has obtained subsidies and financing for its customers, carrying out new investments and R&D projects , funded by the national or regional Spanish Government: * Regional Government of Andalucía * Regional Government of Castilla y León * The Regional Development Agency of Murcia * Center for the Technological and Industrial development * Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.


1ProJect IRIS (2010-2014)
Evergrant collaborates in the management of the this R&D project , under the framework of the Eurostars programme of the European Union. The project involves several companies and research institutions from Spain and The Netherlands.


3ProJect OTREMED (2011-2013)
The consulting team of Evergrant is helping the Region of Murcia in the financial management of the project OTREMED, financed by the programme for the territorial co-operation in the Mediterranean “Med Programme”, implemented together with other regions from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and France.

Med Programme

2Evergrant has collaborated in the design and development of the following training and educational projects in the Region of Murcia, for the area of Tourism and Languages:

Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility 2010-2011
Project INNOVET CCT Murcia. The objective of this project has been to offer a training programme to students of Tourism and Hospitality from the Center of Tourism Qualification of Murcia, that has been implemented in companies of Sweden, Denmark , Portugal and Ireland.

Grundtvig Partnerships 2011
Project SONNET CCT Murcia. The objective of this Project is to create a partnership with organizations of Spain, Ireland and Italy aiming to improve and develop new methodologies and materials for the teaching of Tourism , using Social Networks.

Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships 2011
Project C2C Catering to Caterers Needs. This project aims to contribute to the local economy and job creations by supporting the development of a sustainable catering sector through the provision of high quality training and business support. The international consortium consists of several training organizations, public and private from France, Spain, UK, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece.
Lifelong Learning Programme