Our assistance both in the preparation of their own projects and participation in projects initiated by other EU regions. With this technical assistance, we successfully meet project management mitigating the difficulties usually arise such as language, understanding of the program, eligibility of expenditure, management and participation in international consortia, financial plan, etc.


Evergrant helps businesses, governments, and organizations optimize the products, services, and experiences they offer to customers, partners, and employees.

We work with clients to find Public Funding to develop projects related to the design of the overall offering to produce new or better products or services in order to get better business results. For that, our methodology consists of rigorously understand and consider their strategy, the needs of their segments, the coordination of all of the internal and external parts of a project.

Each project we do is designed especially for each client. Please contact us to discuss how we might help you.



  • Gestión de Proyectos
  • Gestión de Subvenciones
  • Relaciones con la Pública Administración
  • Informática de Gestión
  • Almacenamiento de Datos Relacionales y Multidimensionales