Grant and project management

We provide technical assistance both in the preparation of our own projects, as well as in the participation in international projects


Prestamos asistencia técnica tanto en la preparación de proyectos propios, como en la participación en proyectos internacionales

Each project we do is specially designed for each client


Since our inception we have managed investments and projects for more than 50 million euros, supporting companies and research organizations to transfer knowledge to the end user.

Our success stories are the result of collaborative work with our clients, to design the most appropriate strategies that allow us to successfully obtain the necessary public funding for the implementation of projects related to the design of new services, infrastructures or products, through ERDF funds for sustainable development and innovation, European Subsidies, funding for Research and Technological Development (R + D + i), Financing of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) projects, European Funds for Territorial Cooperation of Regions and Municipalities, etc., intended for both Public Administrations and public bodies (institutes, municipalities, autonomous communities, councils and provinces) as well as private companies.